Thursday, August 27, 2009

my final days.

so today and tomorrow are my final days at my current job. i'm not going to lie i'm like over the moon :)
the only thing that sucks is that since i plan events for the kids who live here and each event takes like at least 3 days to plan, i had my last event yesterday. so i can no longer lie and say that i'm busy working on my event stuff :( i spent 3 1/2 hours this morning photocopying every different sheet in the bookcase, cause they are too lazy to do it after i leave so they want extra copies made now so that they won't have to do any photocopying for quite some time.
i'm basically just killing time photocopying about 80 copies of every sheet. i feel like that should hold them over for quite some time.

in between all of the photocopying i was googling some random stuff and came across an article that said that as a female, it isn't healthy for your uterus and ovaries and all that lovely stuff. so basically, i was standing by the photocopier thinking about how i could possibly be ruining my future of having children for these lazy business people, who all already have children....seems strange to me! although now i'm scared to stand infront of the photocopier as that is where the radiation rays are apparently coming from :( ladies, your thoughts?


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