Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the packing situation...

hmmmm packing situation....yeah not going so well. i always find it extremely difficult to choose which clothes i do and don't want to take with me. then i have to go through all of my other belongings and let's face it, i want to transport my room over to residence and then everything would be fine.

IF ONLY IT WERE THAT EASY. but nooooooooooooo! you have to pack for a drive of like 2hours and then unpack again. i swear i spend like a week packing and like two days unpacking, it's just unreal!

But i had all of my clothes pack this past weekend and totally forgot i still had 5 days of work left, so i had to rummage through my packed bags to find clothes to wear :(. but tonight i repacked all of my clothes and left out clothes for my last two days of work.

Right now, i should be packing some more of my belongings, but i'm taking a break :). OMG i went to the dollarstore tonight just to get a couple random last minute things, since when is like nothingggggggggggg in the dollarstore a dollar??? everything is $1.25 at least. what on earth is this world coming to?!

Well that's my rant on the dollarstore for ya :)


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