Thursday, August 27, 2009

you were never in the background.

i wrote this a long time ago but never got around to posting it anywhere, and i've made a few changes since i first wrote it.

the sister. oh man is she beautiful. the kind of beautiful that's flawless. the kind that everyone can see but her. i could tell her countless times; but its no use, she doesn't see what i see when i look at her. she's not the easiest to understand - no teenage girl is. she's much better than your average girl. she could liven up my day with her stories. she always brought me back to my days in elementary school. i'm glad i could be there for you in the past.

the mother. when i think of you, i could immediately think my second mum. i think of all the things i knew i could share. the way she wondered that early morning, when she heard me get up and move around, if i was okay or if something was wrong in regards to my concussion. i am thankful for the captain crunch, the easy mac and the banana muffins. you always made sure i had enough food in residence - so much like my mum haha. i have never met anyone who enjoyed cooking as much as you do, and to make such tasty food just makes it that much better. you welcomed me into your home and to your family events and treated me not like a guest, but like family. to me, a perfect beauty is what you are.

the father. he is more than your typical father. he's what i imagine a great dad to be. i'm not his daughter, but he sure as heck knew how to treat me as though i was. i don't know what a father-child relationship would be like but you taught me a little about it, although we didn't get to live it out as long as i had been hoping for. i never did get the chance to truly thank you. i'm sure to you it's nothing, just the way you normally act, and i was just the girlfriend..but even still, it meant the world to me. if it were up to me i would say your kids got pretty darn lucky. no longer can i just walk in the house, i'm now the stranger you once told me i wasn't

i gotta stop writing this now; i can't stand the thought of how much i miss each of you, followed by the tears and i've been doing so well.

but i will leave you with one thing.... i know i won't forget you.



  1. Sam, you write so well lol :)
    I'm such a nerd and I always creep your blog but this piece brought a tear or two to my eyes :P

  2. i honestly wrote it in like april, but i obviously made some changes. totally had me in tears writing it :( but i'm glad i touched someone. only one of them has read it, i kinda wish the others could read it, just so that they know what they will always mean to know